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Review of Thompson and Morgan’s sprouter

       Thompson and Morgan offer a sprouter that works very well. Available also through for about $12 plus shipping, the sprouter takes all the hard work and time out of sprouting. Seeds are soaked overnight in the bottom reservoir, and then, effortlessly, poured into one of the two shelves above it. Less than a quarter cup of water is needed twice per day, and is poured effortlessly through the top where it evenly drains through to both shelves evenly. The shelves inhibit mold and fungus, and allow free flowing air and light without drying out the seeds. If you enjoy sprouts, give it a try today!v

Using oregano against fungus and mold in sprouts

Sprouts are susceptible to fungus and mold because the same conditions excellent for germination are also excellent for fungus and mold. One easy way to avoid that is to use concentrated essential oil of oregano. Just four drops in a gallon of water will reduce the likelihood of fungus and mold. A slightly higher concentration will fight back an infection. The use of highly concentrated oregano can keep equipment clean or clean infected equipment.

Oregano is a natural way to reduce mold and fungus, and won’t introduce harmful chemicals to your diet as some synthetic chemical antifungals will. There is no more need for chlorine, ozone or bleach!

Oregano is affordable through the Maia Cooperative's TwoInTents CSA, which bulk-buys and bulk-ships to reduce costs, or is also available online through
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