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Drivers licenses for 14 year old farmers

Farmers who employ their children (or children self-employed in agriculture) may now obtain drivers licenses from the State of Colorado for transportation between the farm and their residence on the most direct route.  The same rules that apply to all underage drivers applies to these young farmers, including passenger limits.

HB 11-1024, sponsored by Representative Vigil and Senator Brophy, does not make allowance for urban farmers, granting this right to only children residing on land zoned Agricultural.  Even still, this will ease the burden on labor-strapped farms, which rely on family (sometimes 14 year olds) to operate, freeing older and more experienced labor (such as parents or older siblings) to do more complex work.

Senator Brophy, a farmer and mountain biker, has sponsored other bills include limiting liability for bikers and eliminating taxes on most agricultural products and clearly this fits right in with his other work towards empowering people to be personally responsible.  Representative Vigil also has a strong focus on agricultural matters, and an emphasis on personal responsibilities. 

Whether 14 year old drivers will live, and live up to the high expectations for personal responsibility of these two men will be seen.

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