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Flower Candy

        Apple, plum, pansies, tulip, lilac, dandelion and cherry blossoms are in season right now and they are delicious!  I like them in tea as well as in my salads.  But one of the more special ways you can prepare them is by making them into candies.

        Prepare warm water, and into that add enough sugar that you can’t dissolve any more into the water.  Then, lay out the flowers onto a cookie pan.  With a paintbrush, coat the flowers with sugar repeatedly until they are quite crystalized.  If you do not have a paintbrush, you can carefully dunk the flowers into the solution repeatedly, or, if you really want to get fancy, tie them onto a string and suspend that string by a pencil vertically into a deep mason jar.  Over a few days, the sugars will crystalize onto the flowers, creating an extraordinarily hard candy encasing the flowers.  Beautiful!

        And delicious.

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