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Got a mad cow?

If you have angry or violent animals, you might consider that their behavior is innate to their nature – the wild beast inside.  But, you might also consider what you can do against the wild behavior, and thereby from your understanding gain the insight that you, as their caretaker, have a lot of control over their behavior.

Many people have experience dealing with dogs and cats, and understand that these animals can be trained to behave in certain ways, even to poop outside instead of on the couch. 

Behavioral training means being friendly to your animals.  Pet them, talk to them (research indicates that even the stupidest members of the barnyard likely understand most of what you’re saying, or perhaps the gist of it), and train them to come, go home, and other things you need them to do. 

If you treat them as you would a dog or a cat, you will find that they behave like a dog or a cat, and understand then that what we love most about our canine and feline friends is our own doing: by loving animals, they love us in return.

The rancher will especially want to train animals – not only does this make work easier and quicker (if the animals do half the work, that’s less for you to do), but by being happier and calmer, they will produce more.  

Working with animals that love you and trust you is not only more pleasurable, but also more profitable.  As a rancher, you need to make sure that your animals not only have enough food and water and medicine and shelter, but also enough love and human care. 

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