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What a wet week at the farm!  With an inch of water puddling everywhere, the geese and ducks are enjoying themselves tremendously.  They go from puddle to puddle, trying each one.  They like the one in front of our home best because there *was* lambsquarter growing there.  They've eaten all they can without removing themselves from the puddle, and now are content to dabble in the mud.
Mud is very important for animals: it is a major source of minerals, and helps improve the flavor and quality of their products.  Humans naturally eat quite a bit of soil, too.  The dust on your veggies is nature's multivitamin!  And yes, even after being washed 5 times, there's still quite a bit of dust on your veggies.
This week, definately try YUCCA FLOWERS!  They have a very short season, but are one of the best treats of the year.  We've been enjoying them with oil, but there really is no bad way to have them.  If you're adventurous, give the wild mushrooms a try.  Lambsquarter is quickly ripening into Quinoa, and this is a good week to try GREEN QUINOA.  The FLAX FLOWERS are also nearly out of season, give them a try! 
Happy trails!
>>>> New items
> Old items
Give us a call or an email if you want samples!  Let us do the cooking...Prepared meals available.
>>>> Tea Mix
>>>> Salad Mix
>>>> Edible flowers (Alfalfa, YUCCA)
> Pennycress
> Mushrooms from Amateur Mycology farm, wild mushroom hunter friends of ours (limited supply order early!): this week, try the Bernardi, Wild Portabello, Oyster and Morrel
> Olive Oil (imported from California - olives don't grow in Colorado, silly! We make sure there is no chemicals used, just like on our farm. It is very buttery oil, very sweet)
 > Sprouts - our own special method makes these tastier and more nutritious!
> Meat shares - from the Rev. Ronald Taylor's ranch.  These meats are from a neighbor of ours, he uses no hormones, and both grains and pastures the cows on natural feeds.  He raises holsteins.  In the hard economic times, he is adjusting his prices to allow microshares.  If there is more beef than expected, you can either pay the difference or return to him what you did not pay for! 
     * 1/2 Beef Share: $800 down, $4 per pound, plus share of processing
     * 1/4 Beef Share: $400 down, $4.50 per pound, plus share of processing
     * 1/8 Beef Share:  $200 down, $5 per pound, plus share of processing
      * 1/16 Beef Share: $100 down, $5.25 per pound, plus share of processing
       * 1/32 Beef Share: $50 down, $5.50 per pound, plus share of processing
> Dandelion (also a blood cleanser herb)
> Fava greens (eat like chard, beet greens or pea greens)
>>>> Green Quinoa
> Lambsquarter
> Lettuce
> Linden (leaves) (very sweet, sugar substitute)
> Radishes
> Spinach
> Salsify (leaves and roots and flowers)
> Sprouts (pea, bean, sunflower)
> Thistle (also a liver support herb)
-- BEANS --
  > Black
  > Fava
  > Jacob’s Cattle
  > Pinto
  > Trout
-- GRAIN --
  > Barley
  > Oats
  > Sanfoin
  > Safflower
  > Sunflower (SEED)
  > Rye
  > Wheat
 > Quinoa (GREEN)
-- HERBS --
  > Juniper (BERRIES)
  > Catmint
  > Garlic (BABY)
  > Garlic (GREENS)
  > Garlic (WILD)
  > Wild Onion (limited availability)
  > Aspen (LEAVES, BARK) (antiinflamatory, pain relief, fever treatment)
  > Flax (FLOWERS) (great tea!)
  > Poplar (LEAVES, BUDS, ROOTS) (antiinflamatoryz, pain relief, fever treatment)
  > Pine (REALLY great tea!) (high in vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals - drink your vegetables per day!)
  > Willow (LEAVES, BUDS, ROOTS) (antiinflamatory, pain relief, fever treatment)
  > Yarrow
  > Yucca (ROOT, FLOWERS)
  > Two legs 
  > Four legs
  > Six legs
  > Eight legs (?!)  :::: )
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