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Le Menu (what's cookin'?)

MUSHROOM season is again upon us!  Hooray!  One of our farmer friends raises mushrooms and it is warm enough for Oyster mushrooms.  Place your orders early, there is a limited supply.  He raises them with no chemicals, in clean organic media.  He has a unique Hawaiian variety, a pink oyster.
Try them with lambsquarter and sunflower for a rare treat!  Or radishes and spinach if you feel more traditional.  They are actually quite good with thistles if you are adventurous. 
PENNYCRESS is in season and it looks like it will be a short one this year, so hop and give it a try!  Alfalfa flowers are also just beginning to bloom!
The chicks and ducklings are mixing with the older birds and are getting along just fine.  One of the young roosters likes to explore a ways!  The goats (who are kind enough to turn our weeds into fertilizer) got some big treats this week when their favorite grasses began to put out seed. 
The blackbirds are playing all day in our trees and the weather has been beautiful!  We watch with anticipation the young apples ready to swell up, and the asparagus putting out flowers.  With the first mosquitoes of the season, we are beginning to wear our mosquito netting again...
The tomatoes are just beginning to flower, and so are the potatoes!  It won't be long before both are ready.
>>>> New items
> Old items
Give us a call or an email if you want samples!  Let us do the cooking...Prepared meals available.
>>>> Edible flowers (Alfalfa)
>>>> Pennycress
>>>> Mushrooms from Amateur Mycology farm (limited supply order early!)
> Olive Oil (imported from California - olives don't grow in Colorado, silly! We make sure there is no chemicals used, just like on our farm. It is very buttery oil, very sweet)
 > Sprouts - our own special method makes these tastier and more nutritious!
> Meat shares - from the Rev. Ronald Taylor's ranch.  These meats are from a neighbor of ours, he uses no hormones, and both grains and pastures the cows on natural feeds.  He raises holsteins.  In the hard economic times, he is adjusting his prices to allow microshares.  If there is more beef than expected, you can either pay the difference or return to him what you did not pay for! 
     * 1/2 Beef Share: $800 down, $4 per pound, plus share of processing
     * 1/4 Beef Share: $400 down, $4.50 per pound, plus share of processing
     * 1/8 Beef Share:  $200 down, $5 per pound, plus share of processing
      * 1/16 Beef Share: $100 down, $5.25 per pound, plus share of processing
       * 1/32 Beef Share: $50 down, $5.50 per pound, plus share of processing
> Dandelion (also a blood cleanser herb)
> Fava greens (eat like chard, beet greens or pea greens)
> Lambsquarter
> Lettuce
> Linden (leaves) (very sweet, sugar substitute)
>>>> Radishes
> Spinach
> Salsify (leaves and roots and flowers)
> Sprouts (pea, bean, sunflower)
> Thistle (also a liver support herb)
-- BEANS --
  > Black
  > Fava
  > Jacob’s Cattle
  > Pinto
  > Trout
-- GRAIN --
  > Barley
  > Oats
  > Sanfoin
  > Safflower
  > Sunflower (SEED)
  > Rye
  > Wheat
-- HERBS --
  > Juniper (BERRIES)
  > Catmint
  > Garlic (BABY)
  > Garlic (GREENS)
  > Garlic (WILD)
  > Wild Onion (limited availability)
  > Aspen (LEAVES, BARK) (antiinflamatory, pain relief, fever treatment)
  > Flax (FLOWERS) (great tea!)
  > Poplar (LEAVES, BUDS, ROOTS) (antiinflamatoryz, pain relief, fever treatment)
  > Pine (REALLY great tea!) (high in vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals - drink your vegetables per day!)
  > Willow (LEAVES, BUDS, ROOTS) (antiinflamatory, pain relief, fever treatment)
  > Yarrow
  > Yucca (ROOT)
  > Two legs 
  > Four legs
  > Six legs
  > Eight legs (?!)  :::: )
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