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Summertime is hot and everyone at the farm finds some shade midday.  The wild animals enjoy our tall grasses and wildspaces, our domestic animals enjoy their pens (except for Tom the rescue turkey who will stand in the hot sun or the freezing rain, gobbling and hissing at the weather like a fool until being encouraged inside where its nicer).  Midday it is very quiet indeed!
This week, the milkweed came into season and it is great in tea or as a fresh vegetable.  Try them with green pine cones, roses, strawberry leaves and thistles!  Yum!  Also, we have green fava beans!  Finally!  The tomatoes are still green on the vine and not ripening, but we will be patient a little longer.
>>>> New items
> Old items
Give us a call or an email if you want samples!  Let us do the cooking...Prepared meals available.
>>>> Seasonal Tea Mix
>>>> Seasonal Salad Mix
>>>> Seasonal Bouquets
> Edible flowers (Alfalfa, YUCCA)
> Olive Oil (imported from California - olives don't grow in Colorado, silly! We make sure there is no chemicals used, just like on our farm. It is very buttery oil, very sweet)
> Dates (imported from California - dates don't grow in Colorado any more than olives do, but they are worth the extra transportation. We ensure they are better than organic, too!  The season is not yet begun, but we run out quickly so please order early)
 > Sprouts - our own special method makes these tastier and more nutritious!
> Meat shares - from the Rev. Ronald Taylor's ranch.  These meats are from a neighbor of ours, he uses no hormones, and both grains and pastures the cows on natural feeds.  He raises holsteins.  If there is more beef than expected, you can either pay the difference or return to him what you did not pay for! 
     * 1/2 Beef Share: $800 down, $4 per pound, plus share of processing
     * 1/4 Beef Share: $400 down, $4.50 per pound, plus share of processing
     * 1/8 Beef Share:  $200 down, $5 per pound, plus share of processing
      * 1/16 Beef Share: $100 down, $5.25 per pound, plus share of processing
       * 1/32 Beef Share: $50 down, $5.50 per pound, plus share of processing
> Bean Greens
> Dandelion (also a blood cleanser herb)
> Fava greens (eat like chard, beet greens or pea greens)
> Green Quinoa
>>>> Green Fava Beans
> Lambsquarter
> Lettuce
> Linden (leaves) (very sweet, sugar substitute)
> Radishes (ROOT, FRUIT)
> Salsify (leaves and roots and flowers)
> Sprouts (pea, bean, sunflower)
> Thistle (also a liver support herb)
-- BEANS --
  > Black
  > Fava
  > Jacob’s Cattle
  > Pinto
  > Trout
-- GRAIN --
  > Barley
  > Oats
  > Sanfoin
  > Safflower
  > Sunflower (SEED)
  > Rye
  > Wheat
 > Quinoa (GREEN)
-- HERBS --
  > Juniper (BERRIES)
  > Catmint
  >>>> Day Lillies (FLOWERS) try stuffing like squash flowers
  > Garlic (BABY)
  > Garlic (GREENS)
  > Garlic (WILD)
  > Garlic (SCAPES)
  >>>> Green pinecones (eat like corn on the cob or put in tea)
  > Onion flowers
  >>>> Rose (FLOWERS)
  >>>> Snapdragon (FLOWER)
  >>>> Strawberry (LEAVES)
  > Aspen (LEAVES, BARK) (antiinflamatory, pain relief, fever treatment)
  > Flax (FLOWERS) (great tea!)
  > Milk Thistle (FLOWERS)
  >>>> Milk Weed (liver support)
  > Poplar (LEAVES, BUDS, ROOTS) (antiinflamatory, pain relief, fever treatment)
  > Pine (REALLY great tea!) (high in vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals - drink your vegetables per day!)
  > Willow (LEAVES, BUDS, ROOTS) (antiinflamatory, pain relief, fever treatment)
  >>>> Yarrow (FLOWERS, LEAVES) good for wounds, tasty in tea
  > Yucca (ROOT, FLOWERS)
  > Two legs 
  > Four legs
  > Six legs
  > Eight legs (?!)  :::: )
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