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Mac and Cheese and Greens

I am a vegetable farmer, but it is common knowledge I really don’t like salad.  People are very surprised to learn this… what else do you eat with your greens? 

Besides my famous soups, stir fries, caramelized greens, sandwiches and other kitchen creations, I especially enjoy lasagna.  A vegetable lasagna can’t be beat… 

Vegetables belong on the plate, they add amazing flavor to any dish.  But beginning cooks (and some long time cooks) have a rough time with them.  An easy and delicious way to start is by adding some greens into your macaroni and cheese. 

Even if you are used to making mac and cheese from a box (or if you’re like me and make it by melting cheese over noodles), consider adding some veggies to your meal.  You can steam and wilt the greens first, or add them in for some crunch.

To wilt the greens, first cut or shred the leaves into small pieces.  Then, adding just a tiny bit of water, put over the stove until they are limp.  At that point, they are ready to sit on the side while you cook your macaroni and cheese.  Before serving the mac and cheese, stir in the greens and… voila!  Eat it before anyone else does.

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