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Something's new under the sun! Classics are still there for you, too

This week, we have some great stuff - something for everyone!  Like classics?  While Dandelions are now becoming common even in standard farms, they're still better when they're harvested in a natural environment.  Want to try something new?  Brand new?  Never seen the sun before?  Go for the linden leaves and cattails.  And don't forget: it's still the best time of the year to prepare your amazing aspirin-like balm of gilead with poplar and willow buds.  We'll teach you how!

We've got some great recipes on our next blog coming right up.  Until then, here's what you can enjoy this week!

* = Medicinal # = Edible @ = Extra tasty this week (peak of season)!

What is available this week...

*#@ Dandelion - roots, leaves, flowers, flowerbuds - one of our favorites!

*#@ Prickly lettuce - one of our favorites!

*#@ Thistle (excellent support for liver)

#@ Wild onion (limited quantity - order early)

# Salsify roots

#* Snap dragon leaves

# Tulip flowers

# Apple flowers (delicious)

# Cherry flowers (delicious)

# Plum flowers (nearly out of season - limited quantity) (delicious)

#@ Lilac flowers (delicious)

#@ Honeysuckle flowers (delicious)

# Filaree

* Catmint (also known as Catnip)

#* Shrubby cinquefoil leaves

#*@ Fourwinged saltbrush - seeds (great in pinole)

#@ Cattail shoots and rhizomes (these shoots are one of our favorites)

*#@ Poplar - bark, buds and flowers (great natural aspirin, or when cooked, delicious non-medicinal vegetable)

*#@ Willow - bark, buds and flowers (great natural aspirin, or when cooked, delicious non-medicinal vegetable)

# Elm seeds (green)

#@ Henbit

#@ Lambsquarter (always sells out quickly - order early)

#* Pine - needles and bark (delicious when roasted)

#@ Yellow dock - leaves and seeds

* Juniper berries (excellent antiseptic and antibiotic)

*#@ Mallow leaves

*#@ Yellow clover leaves

*#@ White and red clover leaves (one of our favorites)

#@ Linden leaves (one of our favorites)

* Vinca

MAY WE RECOMMEND? Ask us to make a balanced menu (with recipes) for your family to enjoy!

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