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Transforming metal into animals

We love chemistry, its one of our favorite sciences. From the delicate workings of soil bacteria to the magnificence of the biosphere, there are always new questions and insights to gain. However, sometimes we learn something so astounding that the boasts of alchemests of old seem likley: today we learned how to transform metal into animals.

Cattle are excellent investments, and at an entry price of between $50 and $150 for holstein calves (plus milk and medicine), it is a market everyone who has some land can enter. Even if your metal earns but a nickel per pound, a half-ton of metal (which can often be collected easily) can be transformed into a cow. Or two to three pigs. Or some 25 chickens. Or even 50lbs of grain or legumes, which when planted will produce hundreds of pounds of food. The possibilities are endless, and presents a unique way by which we can feed the poor by helping the ecology in the collection and recycling of "rubbish."
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