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Warm, friendly turkey

Turkeys are warm and friendly birds, especially on cold nights when our other birds need a big friend.   For less than the cost of electricity, Tom the turkey keeps our egg laying birds alive, healthy and comfortable.  Tom has helpers out here on the farm: we keep two old goats who, while being worthless for meat or milk or other production, produce heat cheaper than electricity would cost and protect our poultry from the cold. 
Tom, our farm turkey, is a former house pet we adopted (yes, we don't even understand why someone would have a turkey as a house pet, but we live in a tiny home and presume that when you have a large house, you have room for pets like turkeys) and is also very frightening to the several wild cats that live near by.  His ferocious gobbles and chirps strike terror into the hearts of numerous small carnivores who would strike our flock.  He is not defensive, like a rooster, but is naturally intimidating. 
Don't let that fool you: he's  very friendly bird and will come up to talk to you when you visit. 
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