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Wildflower hunting!

Wildflower season is tremendous this year.  I saw a beautifully large wild mustard thriving on just what the rain brought.  The brilliant yellow flowers were too popular with the butterflies for me to pick.

        Picking flowers is not always the most fun you can have while flower hunting.  Sometimes the best fun is had in seeing who else appreciates the flowers. 

        Stand a little ways back with your binoculars and you’ll see some amazing Lepidoptera, as well as numerous flies of unusual and stunning colors and shapes.  It is important to remember that not all flies are as pesky as the house fly or the horse fly, and that they play as important a role in the pollination of flowers as bees or butterflies.

        I saw one fly land on this flower that was as fuzzy and yellow as a bumblebee, and was lucky enough to see a small jumping spider explore the heights only to climb back down disappointed. 

        Who will you see on your next flower adventure?  It is a great way to spend the afternoon, whether by yourself or with the kids.

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