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Worst case scenario

With President Obama threatening to use all necessary means to keep Iran from using a nuclear weapon, including the use of our own nuclear weapons, it is important to consider that we might have nuclear weapons used on us one day, too. 

Richard Feynman said that his only regret at working on the development of the atomic bomb was that he continued working on it after Nazi Germany had been defeated.  There was no way, in his opinion, that Japan might have developed the technology.  This was an act of insanity.

Do we then blame those who fear us for arming themselves against us with weapons of terror?

We fear no nuclear attack from Britain or France, though they could destroy our nation several times over.  We do not fear them though they are so powerfully armed.  We fear nuclear attack from those whom we treat as enemies.

We fear nuclear attack too from those nations without cogent control over their armed forces, and fear insane terrorists.  There is no deterring insanity with force.  The deterrent of force is a form of insanity.  Terror is sought to inspire sanity and cogency, but cannot be relied upon.

This last month, Fidel Castro spoke out on his own fears that America might not withstand another terrorist attack, especially one against our nuclear reactors.  He is not widely understood to be sane, yet even the fears of this former dictator are not outrageous; we now hold powers we cannot wield.  And this causes everyone reason to fear, and arm themselves against us.

Please write to your Senator today, and urge an anti-nuclear policy.

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