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Turning over a new leaf

Mmmm!  Today we had our first evergreen and poplar leaves of the season!  The evergreen leaves were enjoyed with breakfast; the poplar leaves were given to two different friends in need whose doctors are allowing them to writhe in agony. 

One of our friends broke her fingers and they are swollen and painful - the pain medicine prescribed was taken orally and though her problem was on just a part of her body, she had to medicate her whole body!  Binding a poultice of the leaves and ground up bark of poplar and willow on her fingers with some bandaids makes better sense.  Our other friend's very arthritic neck found some relief with a poultice as well, though he did not want to bind it: he rubbed the powderized poplar and willow and found relief.

Leaves are less medicinal than bark, but more easily powderize without resorting to a coffee grinder.  Just dry out the leaves and crush them!  We make extra for ourselves in spring with the very powerful young leaves so that in the summer, autumn and winter we are never without.

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