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Microshares in CSAs: farms on the ropes

Many people like to read farm blogs, and want to support farmers but - for too many reasons - the expense and commitment of actually subscribing to a farm is too much to undertake.  As farmers, we at Two In Tents would encourage you to consider microshares. 

We offer microshares to folks who want to enjoy some produce and support farms but may only have $20 or sometimes less to invest in a farm.  Sometimes, they are paired with workshare so that a full share of produce can be enjoyed, but we are also quite happy to simply provide some delicious treats to those who can’t afford the entire season’s worth.  

Wherever you are, if you have been holding off subscribing because of the significant financial commitment required, consider asking your local farmer for a microshare.  Tell them what you can afford, and ask what you could get for it.  You might be surprised at the warm welcome you receive: thanks to Walmart and government intervention into the free market, many farmers are now hungry and scared too.

It is a fact that small farms are going out of business, and while getting involved politically is a good step to securing our nation’s long term interests in small farms and local food supplies, the first step actually begins with helping those farmers who are still in business.  With a microshare, you can do a lot with a little: just like one signature on a petition can change the law, one customer, however small, might make or break a farmer.

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