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An alternative animal bedding

Keep the mud down in your animal pens.  Mud is dangerous to animals because the standing water can result in an unhygienic environment that can lead to disease in your animals.  If you cannot afford gravel, or sawdust or other celebrated beddings throughout your pen, there are numerous affordable alternatives that you can rely upon.

One easy remedy is newspaper.  Whether you shred it or use it whole, the paper soaks up the water very well and can become integrated with the pen ground so that the next time there is a lot of snow or rain, it is less likely to become muddy.  Newspaper is harmless if your animals eat it, and is good for compost when you are cleaning out your pens, making it a great affordable alternative bedding.


New agricultural newspaper

I am so proud to announce that the agricultural and nature newspaper which I assist in editing has now an online edition!  You ought to check it out... 

Besides covering agriculture, nature science, art and the latest academic news, local politics and news is covered too.  Farming and gardening is made easier with information and news! 

Let me know what you think?


Newspapers are better for the environment!

Did you know: some people object because it is not environmentally friendly to use paper for printing.  Yet reading newspaper print has a lower impact on global warming than reading online, according to one of the world's leading paper-makers, because the impact of powering computers allegedly outweighs the impact of creating newsprint. "Reading a newspaper has a lower impact on global warming than reading the news online for 30 minutes," according to Torraspapel's Paper (

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