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Against nuclear weapons

I admit that it took me longer than it should have to written this opinion statement.  In due diligence, I tried to understand why anyone would be for nuclear weapons.  It seems that some people believe nuclear weapons are a deterrent to wars of aggression.  However, a quick examination of history shows that, since the invention of the nuclear weapon, nations with nuclear weapons still have been involved in wars of defense.  Including our own.  Also, wars do sometimes happen accidently or without cause.  In the course of my research I learned all kinds of disturbing things not fit for a family newspaper.  I learned about bombs designed to maximize deadly fallout so that all life will be killed on this planet.  I learned about weapons so powerful that they would destroy their user in a suicide attack.  I learned about deadlier weapons still, chemical bombs, biological warfare, and even some nasty robots that might have less hesitation about killing civilians than the Nazi SS officers they were apparently designed to imitate.  So, I will sum up my argument with pictures from, as I am simply left speechless. 

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