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Truck got stuck in the snow today

Truck the rooster got stuck in a snowdrift while out on an adventure today. He wanted to get to the other side, walked right in until he was stuck up to his belly. We went to rescue him, but before we could some persistent flapping got him free and he managed to fly to the other side. Just goes to show that sometimes we are truly stuck, other times we have to simply try harder.


Say hi to Truck

We let our birds wander freely on our farm, but most of them decide to stay at home in the pen. Truck likes the pen a lot, but also likes his daily walks.

When you visit our farm, you'll be greeted by Truck the rooster. If you're a dog, kitty, coyote or a fox, he won't be polite. Truck also doesn't like vandals, as he literally slashed the pants off of one who tried to burgle us last year. Good rooster. But if you're a nice person or one of the other animals around here, he's very courteous and will escort you everywhere. He doesn't sing much, and is a bit of a loner, but makes sure to visit everyone on the farm during the day. He especially likes laundry time, and will watch the clothes dry in the wind with attention. But he likes meal time better.


rooster attacks bread! and wins!

Our tiny bantam rooster, a polish tophat, who is quite insane,was treated to some bread today. He angrily thrashed it, tore it, sparring with it for minutes... And ate it happily. We think he has inferiority issues.
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