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Wanda the chicken feeling better, cages and cruelty

After a week of recovery, Wanda is fully recovered.  Her leg, broken mysteriously, has healed straight and she is putting her full weight on it again.  The most difficult part of her adventure?  Being restrained for a week in cage (she is used to being free on the range). 

At least a human can be told why they are being cooped up, and can even help with their own recovery by taking medicine, doing what doctors order, or even laying still.  Confinement for an animal - even for medical reasons - is difficult because they do not understand.
It's a time to thoughtfully reflect on how many chickens spend their lives in smaller cages than what she was kept in, and die from lack of veterinary care.  But it is also a time to reflect how, when free, most of our birds prefer the pens we make for them so they're safe. 
The fine line between cruel restraint and providing safe places is made by the intention of the fence or wall or cage: is it for the animal's benefit, or for the human's?  Sometimes we all need restrained so our bodies can heal, sometimes even a person needs to be protected from themselves when they are sick or hazardous to themselves or others.

rooster attacks bread! and wins!

Our tiny bantam rooster, a polish tophat, who is quite insane,was treated to some bread today. He angrily thrashed it, tore it, sparring with it for minutes... And ate it happily. We think he has inferiority issues.
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