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Exploding Crazy Asian Melons!

In China, watermelons are exploding.  The story, picked up by ( by Lydia Leavitt in her May 21st publication, Chinese farmers plagued by exploding watermelons. 

“China Central Television (CCT) blames the phenomenon on the overuse of a chemical designed to make fruit grow faster, claiming famers were overspraying crops to get ahead of competitors Then again, agricultural experts are seemingly unable to explain why chemical-free melons were also exploding, as they point to weather and abnormal size as the main cause.  According to Xinhua news agency, 20 famers in a village in Jiangsu province imported watermelon seeds from Japan - 10 of whom eventually watched their crop explode. Interestingly enough, only one out of the ten had treated his \\exploding watermelons with the growth chemical,” reports Leavitt.

While agricultural scientists are not exactly sure why the watermelons are exploding, they are energetically researching the bizarre tragedy.

Bizarre melons are not new to the region.  In Japan, watermelons are grown to be cubes by molding the young fruits.  The cubic melons have a higher sale price because of their novelty, but also because they are more space efficient in the refrigerator, and ship with less damage. 

The explosive Chinese melons are a stern reminder of the dangers of too rapid experimentation.  Conservative, Japanese style adventures in plant modification are best.

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