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A Colorful Market

I’m not much of a shopper.  Truth be told, if it wasn’t for the fact that I love to cook and I am the one responsible for bringing nourishment to our household, I probably would never shop.  I’m more a people person. So, when I attend the Farmers Market, I spend a good deal of my time meeting and mingling.

There isn’t a happier grin then that of Kenley selling his four flavors of Beef Jerky.  He has a kind word for everyone.  Next to him is the “Berry Lady” – whose organic fruits are so beautiful, I have a photo gallery of them, to gaze at during the winter months. She gets your attention when you hear her call out “vewy tenda beans”. Chanel is chillen’ with her honey and bees wax products. I think this is the only time of the week this girl sits still long enough to tell you everything amazing about bees.

 It does my heart good to see the multi-generational vendors. Dakota is working in the fields all summer, right along side his Dad, Freddy.  And on market days, he’s there encouraging you to invest in those potatoes he’s spent so much time cultivating.
Across from them is Chandler, an 18 year old with his own farm.  He has a new truck he’s sporting this year. He’s worked hard for it – and still graduated from high school this spring. I always have to stop and give him a hug and whisper in his ear that I want him to go to college. His Grandma sells her relish right next to him.  She wants him to go to college, too.

John and Mary love to share the virtues of their lavender. They have a passion for this beautiful herb, and they have wonderful stories about the lavender fields they’ve visited abroad. Many of the crafters came to their hobbies later in life. The journey they have had is sometimes a fascinating one. Like the beautiful needleworks gal – she ran away from home to join the circus! Barbara, who makes beautiful baskets, has had a fascinating journey, as well. While you watch her work, engage her in a conversation. You'll be pleasantly surprised at what you'll hear.

Each week, my senses are delighted with the multi colored display of the season’s bounty at the market, but the colorful characters are just as stimulating. So this week, I encourage you to stop and chat with a vendor. It will double the pleasure of your market experience. You may also read fascinating interviews with many of the vendors at www.UCFarmersMarket.com.





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