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Can't wait for Spring

From my window, today looks like a spring day, but, one step outside tells me that it's way too cold yet to think of doing anything serious about planting.  First of all, the soil is too wet. 

"Too WET To Plow"...yes, that saying has a meaning.

Did you know that if you till soil when it's wet that you risk damaging the soil structure?  Its best to test the soil with a fistful of dirt before deciding to dig in.  If you squeeze a fistfull of soil in your hands and it falls apart when you open your hand, it's not too wet.  Only when the squeezed dirt keeps its shape after you open your hand, is it still damp.  (Of course, if water comes our when you squeeze, there's no doubt about the whole thing.) (wink, wink)

So...what can we do while we wait for the weather to clear up?  Well, there are seeds to be started for the cool weather crops, bulbs to force, sprouts to harvest, and seed cataloges galore to browse.

Then, you could always take in a movie, say: "Fresh" or "Food, Inc" or some of their counterparts, if you want to get durn mad at the shape our current food systems are in.

Or go out and pull chickweed.  Maybe you can check on those bulbs you planted last fall.  (You did plant some, didn't you?)

You can always turn the compost pile or start one with your kitchen scraps.  But, more on compost another day.  I'm going outside .  No sense wasting that beautiful sunshine!

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