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Garlic Scores at the Super Bowl

With last week’s rant about my tiny kitchen fresh in my mind, how we’re going to throw a Super Bowl party in a confined space has been gnawing at me. In my car yesterday, a solution finally hit me… tailgate party! At home! In the yard! The yard happens to be bigger than our entire house, so a tailgater makes sense. It all depends on the weather, of course, but we don’t get snow (my heart goes out to those across the country who are buried up to their rooftops) and rain is not in our forecast. One small roadblock is hooking up the TV outside, but if the neighbors can do it, it must be do-able. I figure if we get the barbee going, ice the beer and hook up the tube, we won’t be alone out there…  Just bring your jacket and your appetite.

Reading about the $55 million spent on food by the 100 million plus Americans watching the Super Bowl, it appears that game day food is more important than the game. This may not be true if you’re in a football pool, but when a lucky play in the final seconds of the first half knocks you out of the cash, you might want to wrap yourself in the comfort of the Super Sunday favorites: nachos, guacamole, buffalo wings, pizza, chile beans, salsa, beer brats, etc. Not the most nutritious of fare, but the one highlight is that they’re usually loaded with garlic (or they should be) giving us a few extra nutrition points and scoring a winning touchdown in flavor. So indulge if you must, add more garlic and stop by for some ribs. Hope your team wins!


3            lbs. baby back pork ribs

1            tbls. lemon pepper

1            cup Dijon mustard

8            cloves Christopher Ranch California Garlic – peeled and crushed

1/4         cup soy sauce

1/2         cup white wine

1/4         cup fresh cilantro, Italian parsley or green garlic – minced

Season ribs with lemon pepper, then barbecue or bake until almost done. Mix mustard, garlic, soy sauce, wine and baste ribs for remaining cooking time. Sprinkle with cilantro, parsley or green garlic just before serving.

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