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Packaging-The Greener, The Better

We realize the Earth is a precious thing.

We also realize, particularly being farmers, that we play a major role in preserving the Earth.

This is why we at Christopher Ranch strive to operate as sustainably as possible, minimizing our resource consumption, using alternative resources and reusing materials as often as possible throughout production of our California heirloom garlic.

Packaging is one area where reuse is prevalent and strengthening, as we continue increasing the use of post-consumer recycled content and minimizing the materials used in packaging.

Presently, Christopher Ranch’s packaging is 90% recyclable, as all cardboard, plastic jars, glass jars and plastic vexar bags are 100% recyclable.
To achieve such a status, several sustainable packaging changes have been made in recent years, including removing white cardboard from our packaging options and using fewer petroleum-based packaging materials in manufacturing.

We’re also working with suppliers to phase out PET (polyethylene terephthalate) containers with other packaging materials and maximize palletization in trucks to enhance transportation efficiencies.

Christopher Ranch’s latest environmentally friendly packaging innovation is the 6-ounce vacuum pack for our fresh-peeled garlic, which uses 80% less packaging than the previous 6-oz. jar.

We’ve decided to take environmental matters into our own hands, and packaging is a segment that demands sustainability.

When it comes to packaging and preserving the Earth, the greener the better.

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