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Put Fireworks in Your Food: Add Garlic-a-Lotta

July 4th is Sunday, and the little kid inside of me is really looking forward to the fireworks. Most of my neighbors must feel the same way because, every year, they shoot a sizable wad of currency into the night sky. My family will be lighting up our annual $39.95 cache at appointed intervals but, mostly, we’ll be in our lawn chairs ooohing and aaahing and sipping wine. Not a bad way to spend an evening…

If you’re anything like us, however, it’s the flavor explosion earlier in the day that causes the most excitement – the barbecue. Whether you’re grilling tri-tip, ribs, chicken or fish, you can add a few fireworks to your favorite fare with Christopher Ranch’s fresh California garlic – it’s born in the USA – and what could be better on this all-American holiday!

For maximum bang in your BBQ, this recipe using Christopher Ranch fresh chopped garlic and green garlic will complement anything from steak to salmon. Gremolata (pronounced Garlic-a-lotta, yes!) is a traditional Italian blend made with simple ingredients. It’s used as a garnish, condiment or “salsa”, and is a great topper for a wide variety of dishes.



1             lemon – peel finely grated to equal at least 1 tsp. of zest

¼          cup finely chopped flat leaf parsley

3            garlic cloves – finely chopped

3            shoots green garlic – finely chopped

Drop or two of extra virgin olive oil if desired

Dash of sea salt

Freshly ground pepper to taste

The beauty of this blend is its flexibility – a few tweaks can turn it from Italian to Greek to Chinese or whatever persuasion lights up your tastebuds. If you’re going Latin: substitute cilantro for parsley and add finely chopped jalapeño to taste; Greek: substitute finely chopped mint for parsley and add a pinch of sugar for a great lamb topper; Chinese: add a touch of chile paste, soy and rice wine vinegar. The possibilities are endless, just let your heritage and plenty of USA garlic be your guide!

Have a Happy, Safe and Sane 4th of July!

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