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Flowers and Rain

It was an incredibly rainy day at the Centralia Farmers Market--not really a fun day to be out selling flowers.  But a few people came out and it was a pretty good day in the end. We had the first of our peony Coral Charm-- it was pretty spectacular, even though inside the color does fade to light pink. Also bearded iris, lupines, and delphimium and sweet williams were blooming today. The calla have been the most loved flower so far-and they have been beautiful. Thanks for coming out rain and all.

Is is Spring?

For a while I thought winter would never end, but then earlier than normal spring began, its hard not to plant when the days are so increddible, but now were back to cold rainy weather, and who know when spring will really be here.  The greenhouse it warm though and the Calla Lilys are finally blooming, not as huge as normal but certainly a welcome sight.

They were just in time for easter, that is the first picking. Hoping they will recover from the hard freeze this past winter and get back the size from the past.

More rain and cold expected--but the hope of sun is in the sky.



Will we make it through the night? Means will it freeze the flowers, will there be anything left to sell. At night as soon as it gets to 40 degrees I’m outside putting blankets over my most tender flowers.  This is actually the first year I’ve tried frost blankets ( as I call them)  but since we often get frosted in early September just enough to burn my favorites, and it really doesn’t help sales with any thing other than coloring up the rose hips. I decided to practice frost protection more. I enjoy covering my plants up at night, I’m outside in total darkness at forty degrees, after the wind dies down just me and the dogs its like the final tucking in for the night, as I’m thinking about how much pleasure these flowers have provided this summer and I’m just not ready for it all to be over at least not yet!

Its amazing to me how God created flowers just for this time of year, beautiful fall foliage, rosehips& berries of all sorts, the Delphinium are blooming like crazy but not a popular like they are in the spring, Sunflowers and chrysanthemums don’t mind a light frost or two, but they would rather not have cold wet rain.

At the farmers market I decorated my booth with Rosa multiflora sprays, it was beautiful, someone said you should do that every week, but we only have these beautiful sprays beginning in late September, which is good because variety is the spice of life. Rosehip wreaths

are a local favorite made from wild roses that are just part of our local roadsideia along with snowberries it is a breath taking combination and that is fall here! I hate to see most flowers go, but I have lots of joy when they come into flowering like a beautiful debutante I like to give them a place of honor. So while the closing of the flower season is any day the opening of flower season will be soon the moment I see the first snow drops!


Simply Flowers

I love flowers and always have, it had to have happened before I remember, the first I remember loving flowers was when I was 10 asking to have my own flower bed for my birthday. I even got it, and can still remember that time even though it was more than fourty years ago. It was much like a giant cake. One of those aluminum strawberry beds with the large ring, medium ring, and small ring, my first planting was purple petunias, because just like now back then purple was my favorite color. That fall I planted purple tulips, and it was awesome the next spring. My grandmother, gave me a rooted cutting of The Fairy rose, which still grows in my mothers garden, and has produced millions of flowers and hundreds of cuttings over the years. I had my little aluminum garden until they remodeled the house to make it bigger, and my garden was taken out, I was past gardening for a time, but someday that passion for flowers would be refired in my soul.


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