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I love flowers and always have, it had to have happened before I remember, the first I remember loving flowers was when I was 10 asking to have my own flower bed for my birthday. I even got it, and can still remember that time even though it was more than fourty years ago. It was much like a giant cake. One of those aluminum strawberry beds with the large ring, medium ring, and small ring, my first planting was purple petunias, because just like now back then purple was my favorite color. That fall I planted purple tulips, and it was awesome the next spring. My grandmother, gave me a rooted cutting of The Fairy rose, which still grows in my mothers garden, and has produced millions of flowers and hundreds of cuttings over the years. I had my little aluminum garden until they remodeled the house to make it bigger, and my garden was taken out, I was past gardening for a time, but someday that passion for flowers would be refired in my soul.


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