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Weeds, weeds and more weeds!

It seems that no matter how much weeding you do, there is always more to do.  I guess that it what happens when you turn a field into a garden.  This is the year I am staying on top of it though.  Eliot Coleman says it takes up to 5 years of vigilant weeding and not letting any weeds go to seed to rid yourself of most of the weeds but I'm shooting for a quicker turn-around. 

 I've worked like crazy to stay on top of everything in the garden this year and it is really paying off!  The beds I was able to get in early are weed free but the last two are still an issue.  I was able to work for 2 hours this morning and got one of them weeded thoroughly!  Yeah!!  The other is going to be an issue though.  What were little 1" weeds just two days ago are now 6" weeds after watering, lots of sun and a full moon. UGH!  They will take some work to get rid of ... couldn't be easy pig weed, nope, it's quack grass.  Thankfully it will be cooler for the next week or so and I'll be able to work on them any time of day rather than just the morning.

I need to get the last of the weeding done though as I still have more winter crops to plant ... some winter beets, spinach .. not sure what else but I'm sure I'll think of things!  If I just had more land to plant in!

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