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Tomato time!

July 28, 2010:

     The tomatoes are coming on hot and heavy now. They're a little late because we were so busy growing and shipping plants for you all that we got our own garden going later than usual.

     The German Johnsons and Joe's Pink Oxhearts are stand-outs right now. "Wow" is all I can say! Big, productive, and just beautiful. Oh, and extrememly tasty, too. The German Johnsons were not so great last year. I guess they like our exceptionally hot summer this year. The Joe's Pink, having been grown is this area for years, are supremely adapted. What an awesome tomato! I feel like a super star growing these.

     On the "Why Bother" list so far are Orange Flesh Purple Smudge and Old German. OFPS is currently all the rage, and it looks so beautiful in pictures. Well, ours have no purple smudge and the flavor is so-so. Its a small, yellow/orange tomato. I think Juan Flamme is better if you want a small. orange tomato. It is more productive and tasty. Old German is a small, yellow/orange tomato, too. It also is lacking flavor. I don't think we will offer these two next year, although I have not written them off yet. They have a couple more months to impress me.

     Look for Thai Pink Egg in our offerings next year. What a very cool tomato! It sets loads of perfect, firm, small, egg-shaped maters that are a gorgeous pink color. We grow lots of pink tomatoes, but this one is in a color class all its own. Now, I must admit that I am not sure about the flavor yet because my 5 year old daughter, who is a pinkaholic, picks and eats them before they are fully ripe. She is drawn to them like an ant to honey.


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