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Crates and Crates of Green Tomatoes

Well, its over. Sigh. We had our fiirst killing frost 3 nights ago. No more sweet, juicy tomatoes until next summer. This is the saddest part of the year for me, looking at our frost ravaged tomato plants, I have a hard time saying goodbye, so the day before our first hard frost I pick every green tomato that looks like it stands a chance of ripening, and some that don't. I put them all in crates and move them into our pump house. Every few days I sort through them and bring any that are starting to color inside. There, they continue to ripen. No, they don't have the flavor of sun ripened tomatoes, but they are still far superior to supermarket maters.

The varieties that I picked the most green tomatoes from are Japanese Black Trifele, Anna Russian, Arkansas Traveler, San Marzano, and Big Italian. These are the varieties that had the most staying power in our garden this year. The Japanese Black Trifele even have a very good flavor after ripening inside. This may be my new favorite. Or maybe Anna Russian. Oh well, you know how it is with tomato favorites... My favorite is usually the one I am eating.

Now is the time to make green tomato chow chow, green tomato salsa, and any other green tomato recipes you like. We had a super abundance of green tomatoes this year due to our long, very mild and dry fall weather.  I put so much effort and love into our tomatoes that I just can't let them go. There are ripening tomatoes perched on every available space throughout our kitchen and dining room. Perhaps I should start a local chapter of Tomato Lovers Anonymous. We could talk about tomatoes all winter. Sigh. I have a hard time letting go.

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