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2011 Tomato Trial Results

     We trialed quite a few new varieties of tomatoes this year, some of which were outstanding. (Have I ever mentioned that I love my job?) What we look for in a tomato is flavor, production, disease and bug resistance, crack resistance, and beauty. We do very little to control diseases and bugs. Maybe it's because we are lazy and maybe its because we want beginner gardeners to be able to duplicate our results. I'm not saying. Anyhow, if a tomato variety does well for us, you can be sure it is easy to grow. Keep in mind, though, that we have a particular climate and a particular soil. Your results may vary. The winners this year are:

Virginia Sweets:  A huge yellow/orange/red bicolor with an extremely sweet flavor. If you have a sweet tooth, this is the tomato for you. It produced continuously for us even in the hottest parts of our steamy summer. It's beautiful, too.

Bill's Big: Not sure about this name. It might be Wild Bill's Big Red. Yes, its big! And it just keeps on producing big tomatoes all season. It is crack resistant and cosmetically unchallenged. It has that rich, red tomato flavor and the meatiness of a beefsteak. This is our new favorite red beefsteak tomato.

Orange Russian 117: Oo la la, what a beauty! This is a yellow/orange/red bicolor oxheart, and has the best attributes of both bicolors and oxhearts: Super sweet flavor, meatiness, and excellent production all season. It's crack resistant, too. This is a County Fair winner, for sure.

Well, its back to work for me. I need to eat a few more tomatoes. Did I mention that I love my job?

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