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My Favorite Tomato Variety

We sell quite a few varieties of tomato plants and seeds, and I am often asked which one is my favorite. I pause, and  try to think of a nice way to say, "Do you really think that I would grow 60 or 70 varieties of tomatoes if I had a favorite?" Maybe I can narrow it down to 10 favorites. Here I go...             For a main crop red slicer, Abraham Lincoln is my favorite. It puts out a steady suply of medium to large, round, red, cosmetically unchallenged fruits. The best thing is its flavor. It has that good old fashioned rich and sweet flavor that says, "Tom-ahhh-to."          But, I love bicolors, too. We have three varieties of yellow/red/orange heirlooms that are amazing. Pineapple, Candy Stripe, and Virginia Sweets are all large, reasonably productive, gorgeous, and have an extraordinary sweet and fruity flavor. Can't choose a favorite. Flip a coin.          I've had a love affair with oxhearts going on for two years now, and Anna Russian is my favorite. It is pink, abundant, pretty, and very tasty. Whoops, I forgot about Orange Russian. It's a yellow/red bi-color oxheart. The best of both worlds, and simply stunning and very sweet.          Favorite smallish slicer:  Green Zebra. So productive and very tasty. Gorgeous, too.          Favorite red cherry:  Peacevine Cherry. Rampant growth and production of super sweet, little, red morsels.          Favorite yellow cherry:  Honeydrop. Yum! Ten times the flavor of yellow pear.          There's more, but I'm out of room. Just remember that my growing climate is probably different than yours, so try new varieties every year so you can find your 10 favorites!

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