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Spring is Just Around the Corner. Really!

The days are getting longer. There is a little more strength in the sun. So, there's snow on the ground. It won't last! What do groundhogs know about the weather, anyway? They stay underground and out of touch all winter. Spring will make its long awaited appearance before too long. I can feel my mood lifting with the lengthening days. Time to plan that garden!

Gardeners are an optimistic lot. Every year is a new start and a chance to grow our best garden ever. What new varieities will you grow this year? Our early seed sales are slanted towards black tomatoes. I think they are very "in" this year. If you haven't tried them, you should. They have fantastic flavor. We have a great selection of them. Our favorite from our trials last year is Japanese Black Trifele. It is a must grow if you like black tomatoes. Our best selling tomato of all the many varieties we sell is Black Cherry. By the way, "Black" tomatoes aren't truly black. They are deep reddish brown with varying amounts purple/brown in them. So if the idea of eating a black food is unappealing, don't worry. They have a very rich, deep, sweet flavor that is extremely satisfying. They are fantastic in salsa, and for fresh eating, or sliced on a pasta dish, or gobbled up in the garden before you make it back to the house so you don't have to share.

It already feels like spring in our greenhouse on sunny days. I highly recommend greenhouses for folks who don't like winter, like me. You can play in the dirt long before your neighbors or just sit in the warm sun, soak up some Vitamin D, plan your garden, and start seeds. We are starting seeds and getting ready to start shipping plants in late March. So, for those of you without greenhouses to start seeds in, check out our selection of heirloom veggie plants. No greenhouse required. We ship ready to plant starts to you at planting time for your area. We start taking orders in early March. Spring will be here before you know it!

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