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Tomato variety trial notes, etc.
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More on Tomatoes Varieties

Ahhhhh, tomahhtoes! We love them. We can't get enough of them. They are piled all over our kitchen counters waiting to be processed into seeds and sauce. We have little plates with drying seed covering every horizontal surface that isn't already covered. We live tomatoes this time of year.

The current stand-outs from our tomato trials this year are Japanese Black Trifele, Nyagous,  Anna Russian and Reisentraube. JBF and Anna Russian are the heros of our late summer garden, pumping out plenty of beautiful fruits when most varieties are slowing down. Honestly, it took them a long time to get going, probably because of our record breaking heat and drought. Most of our tomatoes spent the better part of August sulking about the weather.

Japanese Black Trifele is a "black" tomato - really brown/red with green shoulders. It has a unique shape - like a little pouch drawn up with a string. The flavor is sweet, rich, and juicy. The greenish shoulders are very firm, which I believe discourages the fruitworm and the grasshopper - the scourges of our late summer garden! 

We grew Anna Russian in an attempt to identify our "Joe's Pink" variety, which was given to us without a name. It is a pink oxheart, but not even close to Joe's Pink. It is very similar to Cuor di bue, another pink oxheart we offer. They both produce plenty of medium large to large, pink, juicy, and very sweet and flavorful fruits. They are so similar, we will probably only offer one of them as a plant, but both of them as seeds.

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