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The Poor Thing

Today a chicken went swimming. I thought it was odd that I wasn't hearing my grandson in the yard anymore. But I was busy giving water and carrot tops to the rabbits. When I finally did go into the house, my grandson said, "Grandma, the chicken went under the water and now it's almost dead." I knew no chicken in its right mind would go swimming without help so...I went looking to see how bad the damage was.

I found the poor little thing under the best shelter it could find, shivering in the cool breeze, totally soaked and definitely on the verge of something. I found an old shirt and dried it off as best I could, gave it even more shelter, a little food, rubbed it some more, said a prayer and hoped for the best.

Later today we went to check on it and it apparently recuperated sufficiently to get down out of the nesting box and carry on with normal activity! We were all relieved, most of all my grandson. He felt so bad when he realized that the chicken was dying because of his inventive curiosity.

Never a dull moment at Cypress Lake Ranch.

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