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What's in our Spring Garden

Week of May 15th - Yesterday we sent collards, baby carrots, arugula, baby romaine lettuces, standard romaine lettuce, mesclun mixture (from organic seed), mixed looseleaf lettuce, cilantro, heirloom Tom Thumb lettuce, turnips, Giant Fordhook Swiss Chard, baby beets, Siberian Kale and onions  to our partner CSA, Squeezepenny CSA. Delivers today were to go to Plano, McKinney and Frisco. What a sense of satisfaction to see all of that locally grown, pesticide free produce go to homes where they will be enjoyed and appreciated.

At home our dinner included a pot roast with carrots, onions and new potatoes we stole from under a few of our potato plants. Along with it we served arugula with a dressing of olive oil and salt and pickled beets. For desert we had fresh apple crisp and everyone commented that we hadn't had apple crisp in a long time. The apples were still leftover from last fall from a fellow local farmer.

The tomatoes are growing well and we're getting ready to stake them up. But one volunteer tomato that turns out to be a cherry tomato, already has fruit setting. We gave it a home on the porch.

We're open for business and have lots more of all of these wonderful vegetables for you to enjoy. Come for a visit. We'll enjoy chatting with you!


Mesclun and Microgreens

You know Spring is really here when you can make salad from your own garden. Alternatively, you can make salad from my own garden; from Cypress Lake Naturals, to be exact. No grocery store can compare with the great variety of spring greens available from the garden.

We had the privilege of providing a veritable smorgasbord of greens for a dinner for about 125 people last Friday night benefiting the Plano Farmers' Market.

And we've been having greens ourselves every evening for dinner. Last night it was spinach greens, fresh pecans and dried cranberries with a light dressing of olive oil and wine vinegar. It was the perfect complement to our freshly made Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas from our own pastured poultry.

So if you're into eating spring greens and would like to know for sure they haven't been covered in pesticides or anything else that you might not want to put in your body, come and check us out.

Just give us a call ahead of time to make sure we're here.


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