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Spring? That's What the Calendar Says..

Another Year?

Our last blog entry was over a year ago--how can that be? We've been busy, of course. This past year only saw us take a couple of breaks from farming. Stephen often remarks about how much we've learned over the past seven years. Now we grow food year-round, not just during the farmers market season. It's satisfying to be able to eat chard and spinach in the late fall, as well as traditional winter greens like collards and kale and the root vegetables.

Over the St. Patrick's Day weekend, Stephen got the warmer days and sunshine he'd been hoping for, after some late frost and even snow. He planted out all the seedlings from our greenhouse into the garden, and also planted new spinach and leaf lettuce beds. Now the tomato seedlings are tucked up under the lights and blanket (just as I described last year--this system may seem quirky, but it works for us!), and will soon be tall enough to transplant.

Tonight and tomorrow the forecast is for freezing temperatures, so Stephen will cover the lettuce and spinach beds with row cover. The cover is also "low-tech"--inexpensive knitted fabric bought at a discount fabric store. We just need to keep the tiny plantlets from freezing.

We and our members continue to find new things to love about kale--we have dwarf kale and curly kale and will soon have the Dinosaur (lacinato) kale. It's fun to experiment with recipes and hear what our members are cooking up in their kitchens, too. Still, we can't wait for the sugar snap peas, asparagus and the rest of spring and summer's bounty!

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