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Time To Get Caught Up!

You may have noted that my blog fell silent quite a few months ago. Back in the spring, the work on the farm suddenly picked up in intensity as the weather warmed up. At the same time, things started changing at work due to improvements in the economy. My company survived the downturn by reducing its workforce and having those who remained double up on job responsibilities. As business began picking up, we became swamped with work that overflowed into evenings and weekends.

Up until that point, my blogging was done during my lunch hour. With the increased workload, I have been forced to work through most of my lunches in an effort to get enough work done in a given day that I wouldn't have to stay late. The work on the farm also became so overwhelming that there was little time left for sleep, let alone blogging.

I can't really say that things have let up very much although it is true that we have grown in our capabililities to keep up with the farm work via the sink or swim method. All the while, I have had a growing sense of dissapointment that I have not had a chance to share the stories and experiences of the summer on the farm.

This week I am working in central Mexico, in a city called Queretaro. As such, I have found myself on a forced vacation from my usual evening farm work. Therefore this seems like the perfect time to get some writing done and share some of what we have been experiencing. I have a number of posts in the works and they will appear here shortly. Then hopefully when I get home again next week I will feel all caught up and motivated to squeeze some blogging time in somewhere to keep you all up to date.

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