(Alexandria, Indiana)
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Roll Out The Seeds

Almost time to break out the tiller and get those seeds started I sure am ready for summer this yr. Been a long hard winter here in Indiana this year. Already had a flood in 2011. Got some of my cockcomb seeds wet. Plenty left to sell though  Am  running out of fresh corn from last yr. It sure was good this past winter.
Take care and have fun gardening this spring.


Old Fashion Cockcomb

As dry as it has been this summer here in Indiana my cockcomb flowers turned out to be huge. Some were as tall as I with the stalks about 2-3" around. I will have plenty of seed next yr. We are getting some rain today. Praise the Lord.




Still having health issues

Yes, still having health issues this yr. but am improving. I have alot of cockcomb seeds planted and will have a good crop of heads this year.

I did get 30 quarts of green beans canned yesterday. It felt good to get back into the swing of harvest time.

Thanks all. Have a blessed harvest.

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