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How do you keep your deer away???

So...Denny is always surprising me and keeping me laughing with his innovative ideas and solutions!  This is what he did last night to discourage the deer from eating all his produce....about 10:00 pm he comes up to tell me that he is heading down to the gardens at the store to try to catch the deer in action.  He has all his hunting camouflage on, an insulated sleeping roll in tow, and says he is going to sleep in the gardens.  When he comes 4:30 am he tells me that he forgot his sleeping bag, so covered himself with old plastic table clothes (cotton side in ) from the barn and fit in with his surroundings he pulled row cover over himself too!  When I called him at 11:00 to check in, he had already been asleep for half an I woke him up!  The next time he was woke up it was by the snort of a deer coming through the gardens!  Denny says that it didn't quite go as he imagined... waking up out of a sound sleep an all, but he did manage to make a lot of threatening noises which in the end were enough to thwart the attack for one night!  Score...Denny 1...Deer..too many to count!!!
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