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I’m back!  For the past couple of weeks I’ve had the privilege of serving as a juror for the US District Court.  It was a wonderful experience, but it’s nice to be back to the routine of our daily life.

I had to be out of the house first thing in the morning, so Dan was tending to the alpacas.  Cell phones are not permitted in the Federal Building so I’d leave mine in the car in the parking garage, a few blocks away.  I had to wait until the end of the day before I could quickly walk to my car to call Dan and bombard him with questions:  Did Arlo greet you at the gate?  Did Julio sniff your head?  Did Guinness let you scratch his neck?  Were Bo and Coty so excited to see you that they started neck wrestling?  Anyone give you alpaca kisses?  These are all regular morning happenings for me and I was surprised that Dan responded with “Uhhhh ....... nope” for each question.   Ditto after Day 2.  By the third day I barely got to say hello before Dan said ‘Mo, I think the alpacas just like you better.’  I don’t want him to feel bad, so I told him I think it’s just that they see me more often. 

Dan is still concerned, so now he fills his pockets with Ziploc baggies of baby carrots when we go out to the barn in the evenings.   This is probably Julio’s and Guinness’ favorite snack.  Those great sniffers know there are carrots somewhere, so they follow Dan around as we do the nightly chores and sniff at his pockets.  Dan makes them wait until they eat all of their pellets before he gives them their carrot dessert.   Julio will at least chew his carrots, but Guinness can eat a whole carrot in one big snort.   The other alpacas, the ‘little boys,’ are curious as to what’s happening and watch this scene intently.  They too sniff at Dan but when offered a carrot they turn their heads.  For some reason our three younger alpacas have never liked carrots, so I put a little extra pellets in my hands to distract them.  Wet alpaca tongues tickle my hand as they cheerfully eat the pellets, and sniff at me for more.  The two geldings stand around Dan, poking at him with those long noses and sniffing him until they’re certain that all the carrots are gone.  Dan laughs as they sniff the top of his head over and over.  After a few minutes Guinness or Julio notice the little ones getting pellets for a treat and they quickly stomp over to me for their treat too.  Within seconds I am showered again by the geldings in alpaca sniffs and kisses. 

So nice to be back to the simple joys of our alpaca life......

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