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Oh Stella ............

Our dog is just wonderful and we’ve done an excellent job at spoiling her.  She just loves the attention and is happy all the time.  But now that the alpacas have arrived, suddenly she is sullen, clearly jealous, and not too thrilled with us!!  First thing every morning for months now, Dan gets up and takes Stella for a walk around the outside of the fencing.  She is always excited for this, and trots along checking everything out, sometimes darting off into the woods.  Not that first morning!!  She wouldn’t go anywhere near the fence.  Dan had to actually put the leash on her and pull her along till she finally started to walk on her own.  She would hardly look at me either when I put down her morning crunchers.  As dog lovers (and lovers of all animals) we personally are just crushed!!   We’re sure she’ll come around soon, but until then, we’ll just feel terrible.

Hmm, I guess this means we’ll just have to shower our wonderful little dog with even more and more attention, which we’ve been doing.  More walks and frisbee tossing, scratches and pats, sometimes hand feeding her, and always more snacks.  Thank goodness she likes veggies, tofu, and rice.

The other morning I was at the fence line taking pictures and Stella woofed at me jealously from the yard.  She happily came over to me when I called her, wagging all over, but stood with her butt to the fence, refusing to look at the alpacas.   Dan has gotten her to willingly walk around the fence line with him, but she just will not look into the pasture.   

But she is coming around; it’s just going to take a little longer than we had hoped. Such personalities our dog friends have!

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