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The Girls

We have been blessed by many glorious days of Indian summer lately.  It gives us extra time to cut, split, and stack the four cords of wood we burn over the winter.  There are still some beets and carrots in the garden which I’ve left in on purpose to give them some extra time to grow since they were so stunted by the deer grazing through.  The leaves have all fallen yet we are in no hurry to rake them up, even though they make great compost for gardening.  Instead we are putting up one of those ‘tarp and metal frame’ type sheds to store the tractor and its attachments. 

Pam is at full capacity now at her farm so this week she brought our girls, Dreamer and Alana, and Alana’s newest cria, Hank, to New Hampshire for us.  They will now agist over at Val and Gary Newell’s Crown Point Alpaca Farm, where they will be in very experienced hands with plenty of fellow alpacas for company.  Val and Gary have quickly grown their herd to over 40 alpacas, they agist for many farms, and have started other pastures to grow their farm even more.  They have an amusing assortment of other farm animals ~ chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits and goats.  And they have other projects in the works too, including a nature trail and my personal favorite, a yurt in the woods to rent out.  And like us, they focus on sustainability and the natural world, hence their name ‘The Green Alpaca.’  Our girls and crias will continue to be well taken care of and now that they are only about 35 minutes away, we can visit them more often.  Val does fabulous photography and hopefully I can figure out how to get my pictures out of our camera soon.

Apparently it’s been an easy transition for our girls who are already being themselves.  Dreamer is often at the fence line shared with the boys, spitting at them, and then trotting off doing a little jig.  Alana likes to run back and forth through the pasture from one end to the other.  And little Hank has already made friends with the other crias, climbing hills and pronking around with them.

This is a wonderful new beginning for us.

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