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  (Herald, California)
Piggin out on natural grown pig

Love and Hate the rain

As we go through the rain I am sitting in front of our fire place drinking a strong cup of coffee, listing to the weather on Good Day Sacramento 31.I haven't seen the amount they claimed was going to happen ,but its not over yet, Cows look happy about the young piglets are having a great time sliding in the mud,  When they were born they were a nice pinkish color Yorkshire breeding beautiful babies today they are Duroc but still cute.the produce that is in the ground is holding nicely. others waiting may have a longer time in there cold frame just do to the mud, My daughter says "oh mom people in la pay good money to just lay in that", I say" be glad to have those customers to help fund the farm. Hows the weather in your areas??,your crops?? I do hope everyone is enjoying the lifestyle of home grown eating. 
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