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new news about birthing crates

Kroger asks for 'accelerated' move to stall-free pork

By Rod Smith

The Kroger Co. announced this morning that it has started to inform its pork suppliers that it believes "a gestation crate-free environment" is a more humane means of housing pregnant sows than individual stalls and that pork producers should work toward a transition to stall-free housing for pregnant sows.

The company said it encourages its suppliers "to accelerate" this transition, which it noted already is underway. The company acknowledged that this transition "may take many years."

Kroger said it has long pursued science-based standards for animal welfare, and in recent months, the company has sought the advice of animal welfare experts and other professionals regarding the use of gestation stalls "and has concluded that there are many ways to humanely house sows" but that stall-free is more humane.

Kroger is the second-largest supermarket system in the U.S., after Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) immediately applauded the announcement.

Kroger has taken "a very important step for animal welfare in declaring that the pork industry must find an exit strategy for its use of gestation creates," said HSUS chief executive officer and president Wayne Pacelle. Americans believe that all animals deserve humane treatment and that "it's wrong for producers to immobilize pigs in small crates for months and even years," he said.

In recent weeks, a number of major restaurants and Safeway have announced expectations and schedules for pork suppliers to provide them with stall-free pork, and Kroger's announcement indicates its preparation to join that list.

Kroger, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, operates 2,435 stores in 31 states under two dozen banners. The company also operates 791 convenience stores and 39 food processing plants.

It had 2011 sales that totaled $90.4 billion. 

WOW can you believe I might have been correct about something Its hard for me to wrap myself around that fact also


Birthing crates

I have a question? Why do most hog farmers push birthing crates on new breeders,I have never understood, we have raised hogs,swine,pigs,piglets for over 20 years never owned one never needed one. However I did by one a few months ago, for $50.00 from a very smart man that upgraded to a newer model,  through his whole barn  He was very surprised with the reason I bought it Not for what it was intended, We took it concreted it to a 6 inch slab if i need to give a shot  of give any unpleasant anything i just move them into it. works great.  But for having babies NO I am in not way a tree huger but as a mother of 7 you would have to kill me to get me to spend my labor hours and the next 2 weeks after in a box. Whats your opinion and why ? 
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