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Chestnuts ripening fast
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Daily Harvest

We're picking up chestnuts by hand every day, sometimes more than once a day - have to stay a step ahead of those annoying squirrels. Then every evening we sort them out and put them under refrigeration.

Harvesting begins!

The chestnuts are falling now, and we've started harvesting them.  It's off to refrigeration for these babies!  Refrigeration (with high humidity) increases the sugar content of chestnuts. By the time they're used, usually in November and December, they will have become very sweet indeed.

2010 crop nears harvest

September 8 - The chestnut trees are heavy-laden here in late summer. The limbs bend with the weight of the ripening chestnuts. Looks like another bumper crop! 

squirrels interested

Those pesky squirrels are already nosing around.  They must smell or otherwise sense the chestnuts as they're about to fall off the trees.  None have fallen yet, but many burrs are starting to split.  When the burrs rupture and the chestnuts fall to the ground, the race begins to get to them before those tree-dwelling rodents do!

chestnuts ripening

August 26:  Good rain this summer has produced a potential bumper chestnut crop!  The burrs are swelling fast now, and the trees' limbs are bending under the weight.  Looks like the best production in several years... just hope the tropical storms and hurricanes stay away!
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