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An Apple a Day...
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A Variety of Apples

Well we are certainly having a wet week at the orchard! We have lots of apples harvesting this week and we were out in the rain last night picking until dusk.

One very common apple we're harvesting this weekend is the Red Delicious. Many people choose it because of it't looks, however, it is not always the most 'delicious' apple' to eat! Straight from our orchard, you certainly can taste a difference between the store bought Red Delicious.

Soon we'll have winter upon us and we'll be discussing all of next years growing crops. We'll be putting in more pear trees, but we'd like to put in more apple trees as well.

We want to know - what is your favorite apple variety!!??


Mousing on the Farm

So much for mousing!


Farmer's Need Rain!

Alas, the rain has hit us in NE Ohio! It's a much needed rain, especially on our farm where it fills our cistern, among other things!

Apple Trees don't like "wet feet", but they do need a good watering every once and again. Horses do not like wet feet either, but when monsoons come through, we find ourselves with a flooded barn aisle :/

It is always nice listening to the thunderstorms while you sleep, but in the back of my mind, all I think is "Are the stalls flooding"? I think we've raised them enough to keep the horses dry, but that dang aisle never stays dry when we have a rain overload. I know what you are thinking - "Put in drainage". I wish it were that easy. One side of the barn has the sepctic next to it and the other side, the cistern. So until we somehow figure out where all the plumbing and piping is for these two systems, we won't be digging in any drainge.

It's funny too; I was always under the impression that cats do not like to get wet, but my barn cats romp around in the rain like they roll in the wild catnip!

Cheers to a good week, some much need rain, and lots of apple picking!


Ahhh, the Morning Sunrise on a Farm!

It is mornings like this one that remind me how lucky I am to live on a farm!

We all know there are some mornings when you envy those who can sleep in and rise with the sun....or later! But waking up before dawn, stepping outside and letting that brisk, fall air touch your face, and catching a whiff of fresh hay makes these early mornings all worth it!

If your me, that 'whiff' includes also the smell of horses! My favorite! A scent I would bottle if I could. I am greeted by the hungry, anxious nickers of my horses and the obnoxious call of our miniature mule! It puts a smile on my face.

As I walk through to throw everyone their morning flakes of hay, I then catch a whiff of the ripening apples in the orchard! Ahhhhhh

I have the barn cats following me, hastily awaiting their breakfast, as if the mouse that was laying at the back door wasn't filling enough for them! [I constantly remind them to clean up after themselves and their midnight delights!]

By now, the sun is begining to rise and it is absolutely beautiful! It looks like cotton candy in the sky! If I was talented enough to take photographs of the skyline, I would post a daily blog simply on the sunrises we see at the farm!

As I finish up morning feed, I feel so bleesed to have the opportunity of caring for these animals. For having them be part of our family. And for all the pears I will be baking into butter tonight!


Apple Bread

Last night I decided to start my attempts at being creative with our apples!

I opted to take a stab at an apple bread recipe I have rather than try a second attempt at my canned apple pie filling, thinking it would take less time! At almost midnight I completed something that I started at 7pm! I might as well have canned!! Not to mention the cost of half of those fancy, schmancy ingredients you need when making bread! I'd have to charge $20 a loaf to make a profit from it! No worries on the 4 hours slaved in the kitchen!!

In any event, I must say, it looks scrumptious! I'll find today when I let my co-wokers taste-test if it was a success or not!
I'd love to post a picture in the blog, but for some reason, I am not able to....hmpf!

Ingredient: Apple!

It is this time of year that my husband & I find ourseleves trying to figure out ways to be creative with our apple crop. Indeed we do sell the apples, but there are always plenty that drop before we get them or don't look 'pretty' and so rather than see those go to waste, we like to cook with them.

There is always your apple sauce, apple butter and apple cider, but what other kinds of apple items would you be inclined to try and buy out at your local farmers market? We want to know!

Is it Canned Apple Pie Filling? Canned Cinnamon Apple Sundae Topping? Apple Crisp? Apple Bread?


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