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An Extra Hour? Or More Light?

So this weekend is Daylight savings time.

Some people welcome it, happy to receive that extra hour of sleep!

And then, there may be those few, like me, who dread it! Living on a farm, I spend the majority of my time outside. Since I still have to work a day job, daylight savings makes the time I have when I do get home all the more precious. There is only so much I can get accomplished outside in the dark!

I am wondering how many farmers out there share my same train of thought? At my day job, most of my co-workers are welcoming that extra hour as they go home and find ways to spend their evening indoors. Just because the sun goes down sooner, it doesn't mean my evening line-up of chores etc changes!



Picking the Reds

Apple season is winding down...or should I say 'picking' season.

We have a few trees left needing picked, but they are Red Delicious and honestly, our Red's are not selling. So rather than worry about grabbing every last apple, I think I have decided to concentrate on selling what is ready to go!

It is unfortunate the Red Delicious Apple gets such a 'bad rap' from people because most are used to tasting the cardboard evil twin that you find in the stores. A true Red straight off an orchard tree, especially when naturally chilled from the morning dew, is delectable!

In addition to apples everywhere, we have about 8 Quince trees which all just harvested. Although tart to the taste when eaten raw, they fill up the orchard with a wonderful, sweet pineapple aroma and I love to sit some in a bowl, in my kitchen, until I am ready to cook with them so they infuse the house with their sweet smell!

You know, some say it was actually a Quince that Adam gave to Eve, not an apple. But I'm not here to debate religion! ;)

Enjoy your harvest season!


A Quince Ripe and Ready for Pickin'



In The Dark, We Find Light!

Here in Northeast Ohio, Winter is creeping in faster than most of us would like. Usually I welcome the brisk October air, however, ours this year is damp and rainy.

Apples aren't getting picked as fast as they should, horses are getting outside as much as they'd like and we are buring through our woodpile faster than we should be for October! Oh the joys of Mother Nature!

Rumor has it we'll be having Indian Summer next week....I know we are all longing for it!

It is hard to stay motivated when the long summer days turn into long winter nights.

Our Pears are all but long gone for the season :( ........But our Quince are almost ripe; I am looking forwarding to trying my hand at Quince Marmalade and Quince Wine.

As always, Apples are still in full swing. I am looking forward to next harvest already as I have learned so much this first year and look forward to moving my knowledge forward and marketing our produce even better next year.

There is no doubt we'll have leftovers from this season!


Apples and Hay and Rain.....Oh My!

What a busy weekend! Friday evening was to be devoted to apple picking. We are in FULL SWING with trees ripening and needing harvested. Of course though, we could not do just that! I discovered that our hay barn roof sprung a leak so we had to move hay around before we lost it to mold :/ UGH, I cannot win with the hay situation can I?

Saturdays Farmer's Market was slower than usual. Our location was moved due to a festival they were having. However, we had two orders totaling 17 bushels that were being picked up around 5pm that day so I recruited my workers, aka Mom & Dad, and we got to picking! Meanwhile, my husband was putting a new roof on the hay barn. I swear somewhere in the distance I heard a faint "ChaChing CHA CHING" in the wind. *sigh*

Sunday was another canning day. I made some relish with the last of our peppers and onions from the garden and continued on with the pears - this time, Pear Sauce. Yummmm is it GOOD! Allen was splitting wood and made the first fire of the season in the fireplace. It smelled wonderful outside.

As if we have loads of time on our plates, I have been throwing around the ida of starting to raise dairy goats or sheep for wool. I am sure those who are experienced in these fields can tell, just by ready my statement, that I am clueless! It looks like I will be spending my winter researching!!
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