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Balancing Work...and work

Gosh, I have been snapping the most wonderful pictures on the farm this week; I so wish I could share them with you all, but I just cannot seem to get the picture uploader for this blog to cooperate :(

The weather here has been wonderful all week. I find myself sitting at my desk, at work [my day job paycheck job!], thinking about all the things I can accomplish once I get I am doing right now.

And gosh darn it if I don't get home, get my daily barn chores done and then fizzle out for the night :( I have no energy left to do all the things I dreamt of doing during the day, while I was sitting at a desk!

In a perfect world, working at home on the farm would be my day job...and hubby's too....but for now, I suppose, we continue the 9-5 routine and spread ourselves thin over the weekends :) As we always do....because we need the paychecks....and we love the farm work!

Have a accomplishing weekend all :)


Spring has Sprung!

Spring has sprung at Apolloson Acres.....sorta!

The sun is out, the melted snow has left a swamp land, horse hair is flying and we're pruning our orchard!!

Stay Tuned for more frequent updates....and pictures if we can get the uploader to cooperate!

We want to know -- what determines that Spring has Sprung at your homestead?

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