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Picking the Reds

Apple season is winding down...or should I say 'picking' season.

We have a few trees left needing picked, but they are Red Delicious and honestly, our Red's are not selling. So rather than worry about grabbing every last apple, I think I have decided to concentrate on selling what is ready to go!

It is unfortunate the Red Delicious Apple gets such a 'bad rap' from people because most are used to tasting the cardboard evil twin that you find in the stores. A true Red straight off an orchard tree, especially when naturally chilled from the morning dew, is delectable!

In addition to apples everywhere, we have about 8 Quince trees which all just harvested. Although tart to the taste when eaten raw, they fill up the orchard with a wonderful, sweet pineapple aroma and I love to sit some in a bowl, in my kitchen, until I am ready to cook with them so they infuse the house with their sweet smell!

You know, some say it was actually a Quince that Adam gave to Eve, not an apple. But I'm not here to debate religion! ;)

Enjoy your harvest season!


A Quince Ripe and Ready for Pickin'


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